"We need to eradicate Jew-hatred from the cultural and religious memories of our world!"


November 21, 2018

Armin Lange speaks about religious and cultural motivations of Antisemitism and anti-Zionism

November 21, 2018

Following the presentation of the Catalogue of Policies to Combat Antisemitism, conference organizer Armin Lange spoke about the religious and cultural foundations of antisemitism and its erradication. Conference co-organizers Dina Porat (Head of the Institute for Jewish Studies at the University of Vienna Participants) and Ariel Muzicant (Vice-President of the European Jewish Congress) discussed measures to fight antisemitism with Pavlo Klimkin (Ukrainian foreign minister), Kenneth Jacobson (Deputy National Director of the Anti‑Defamation League), Matthias Döpfner (CEO of the Axel Springer Group) and Heinz Fassmann (Austrian Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research).

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