An urgent need


February 22, 2018

Concluding Statement of the Vienna "An End to Antisemitism!" Conference

February 22, 2018

Vienna University Campus

Drawing on to a successful five day conference in Vienna which brought together more than 150 experts from various academic background and countries, the organizing team has delivered a concluding statement on behalf of all conference participants:

"We, the 150 scholars of antisemitism from over a dozen countries who have gathered in Vienna in February 2018 for the conference "An End to Antisemitism!", call upon government (including Israel) and civil society leaders to recognize the urgent need to confront the rise of antisemitism that threatens the security and the future of the Jews of Europe and the safety of Jews elsewhere. Not only is antisemitism a violation of the basic human rights of Jews, but it poses an acute danger to democracy and the very fabric of society.
We will shortly offer a series of policy recommendations based on our deliberations and experiences in the hope that they will be used as a strategic guide and road map to confront and combat antisemitism.
We pledge to continue the effort which began here and devote ourselves to working together to create a society where "An End to Antisemitism!" can finally be envisioned."